How to Begin Thinking About Your Roof

Hi! If you have a building, you have a roof and at some point you will have to repair, maintain or replace it…or even all three!

I am talking about your residential home roof or the one on your commercial office, church, etc. Whether your roof is residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, shingle, flat, metal, slate, cedar shake, tile, or synthetic, there is a proper and specific way to maintain or replace it.

There are options for every roof. Since a new roof is a 20+ year commitment, you might as well take your time and choose the best one. The internet may help, but nothing is better than consulting with a real, live roof estimator, consultant or salesman.

A good roofing expert has years of experience in the industry. He can help you figure out what kind of roof or roof repair you need, which will perform and look the best, and which will last the longest. He can even help you with colors. These guys are pros. So contact a reputable roofing company and ask them to send him out, especially if you have leaks, have an old roof, have a damaged roof, or if your roof just looks bad. Looking bad can mean it is one or all of the above.

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Roof Leak Repairs

Roofers are like auto mechanics. There are really good ones and some…..are not as good.

When you have a problem with your eyes, you don’t go to a general practitioner. You go to an optometrist, right? Similarly, if you have a roof leak, you need a good roofer who specializes in finding and fixing leaks.

Some roofers install roofs. There are many different types of roofs and many types of roofers install them. Some fix leaks. These are the most detail-oriented, patient, and experienced roofers of all, usually. They know how to sniff out a leak because they’ve seen a million of them. They have installation experience in a variety of roof types. Most are experts in shingle, flat, and metal roofs, slate, cedar shakes, synthetic tile roofs,etc. Flat roofs include built-up, tar and gravel, modified bitumen, single-ply (rubber, E.P.D.M., TPO , P.V.C.) membrane roofs, and ballasted roofs.

A good leak repair or service tech can find and fix leaks on all of these different roofing surfaces. So if you need a leak fixed, not just any roofer, roofing company or contractor will do. Find a company that has special leak experience. Find one that has a service department.

We have both the equipment and staff to address issues on all of these roofing surfaces.  We have moisture reading equipment and do water tests when necessary. We have a repair specialist  named Don who can see a leak in a membrane roof seam 20 ‘ away. I am serious. You want a guy like him who has 30 years of experience. He’s as good as they get because leaks can be very tricky. He and other techs like him are successful about 98% of the time. Sometimes it requires a second visit but they always get it then. Man, this is fun. Good luck!

Robert Andrews ll, Pres.                                                                                        

Synthetic Slate Roofs

I’m telling you, I really like this stuff.
We prefer the EcoStar brand, Majestic Slate. It looks like slate, is less expensive and weighs less. We have tried several brands over the years and stopped looking after the first time we did one of these. It is high quality and looks great. We have never seen it leak.

Our men had to get on job training by the EcoStar inspector to certify us as a Gold Star Applicator, which makes us able to get a 50 year workmanship and material EcoStar Gold Star warranty. They send an inspector to pass the job after completion. Their specs are tight. No wonder they don’t leak! Also, it comes with up to a 100 m.p.h. wind warranty. We must shuffle and flex all tiles before installation to avoid color issues. It makes for a slow process, but the results are very pleasing.  We use stainless steel 1-1/2″ ring shank nails. It is the best and comes in 11 colors, which can actually be mixed to your liking.

These tiles are made 80% of recycled rubber and plastic. We use all EcoStar products when installing one so that warranty issues are clear and we provide a 10 year workmanship warranty too. Go to our gallery here on our site or go to ecostarLLC.COM to see some nice looking roofs. Lesser warranties are also available. Metal or copper valleys and flashings, special underlayments, and ice shield are used so they last as long as the roof.

THANKS to all! Good day.

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Roofing Employment Hampton Roads WANTED. NOW HIRING

If you are very skilled technically in various types of roofing, Andrews Roofing wants you. We need men with skills in all types of roofing. At our company you must be able to handle any roofing situation-not just one or two. You must be a roofer who knows shingles, flat, metal, shakes, tile, slate, single-ply, modified bitumen, built-up, tar and gravel, roof coating, steep, etc. or at least be well versed in several of these.  We do residential and commercial, E.p.d.m., TPO, CertainTeed asphalt shingles, Englert standing seam, 24 gauge steel panels, Enviroshake, Ecostar, Aluminum,  slate, tearoffs, retro-fit roofs, and Firestone work.

We service the following areas: Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Smithfield, The Peninsula, Newport News, Hampton, Richmond, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Outer Banks, for North Carolina and Virginia.

Our Scope of work includes: new work, roofing, roof replacements, repairs, inspections, roof consultations, reroofs, industrial, safety, OSHA, VOSH, steeple, church roofs, office buildings, shopping centers, roof curbs, pitch pockets, and flashing.
Robert Andrews ll , president

You must also have a good driving record. Safety and equipment and technical certifications help too. We do a lot of white TPO membrane and are an authorized Firestone installer, so we have a high standard of workmanship. We do all work as per manufacturers’ specifications. We do shingles, flat and metal roofs every day and many roofing and leak repairs in addition to service and maintenance. We get our 40+ hours and have great benefits and pay.

If you are very qualified and need a good, long term career please contact us at:

Robert Andrews:  or 757-286-7400

A resume helps. We will pay you what you’re worth. We especially need responsible leaders, foremen and mechanics who own their job.  You take care of us and we take care of you.