Our People: Joe Wicker, “The Detail Man”

Joe Wicker is definitely a valuable asset to us at Andrews Roofing. I would say that he is “the engineer type.”

He was born in 1963 in Dover, Delaware, but because his dad was in the Air Force he was moved around a little and ended up in Virginia Beach at age 5. He graduated with honors from Kempsville HS and went to work at his grand father’s roofing company that had been started in 1913.

He is an expert in various types of roofing because he has been in the business since then at every level from laborer, to roofer, to supervisor, to estimator and project manager. He is very familiar with roof types including shingles, slate, tile, and commercial flat and low – slope systems like built – up TPO, modified bitumen, and E.P.D.M. White TPO membrane and E.P.D.M. are examples of single – ply roofing membrane systems.

Here at Andrews, he is an estimator and project manager and sometimes sees up to 5 roofs per day. He is definitely a real hustler for us and we are very happy to have him around.

Joe is married to Colletta and has 3 boys. In his spare time he officiates football games with the South Eastern Football Officials Association because of his love of sports. By the way, he can build an electric guitar and of course plays them. He works with wood at home, making types of art such as bowls and pitchers, and even makes ink pens from wood and gives them to our staff at the office.

All this stuff is great, of course, especially the fact that he is a good husband and father. His strongest point as a team member at Andrews Roofing is that he is precise, hard-working and extremely dependable. We can always count on him to do what is right. Joe has been with us since October 2011 and we plan to keep him around for the long haul.

If you have a roofing problem or you need an estimate for a new roof, you can request Joe or one of our other consulting estimators. Just give us a call.

Thanks for reading.

Robert Andrews ll

Our Roofing People # 1: Bob Andrews, Vice President / Estimator


We want you to know who we are so that you can put a face with a name.
This can actually help you determine whom you would like to communicate with based
on your roofing needs.

Over the next several months we will blog about “Our Roofing People.” They are definitely our most valuable asset and it took quite a while to assemble this Andrews Roofing team. Once we find ’em, we keep ’em!

Bob Andrews, my father, is the most senior member of our staff. He has recently taken a part-time position with our company and estimates one shingle roof a day. Bob has been with us since 2003 right after Hurricane Isabel hit Hampton Roads and O.B.X., causing some serious damage on many roofs. I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to recruit him for several years and this storm really made me realize what an asset he could be to the team.

When I finally got him on board, we started growing at a more rapid pace due to his
construction expertise and because he is so well connected with many members of the community.  He has extensive knowledge in all types of construction, having built houses as a general contractor for twenty years.

Bob got his start working at a fertilizer plant for a couple years and then started pouring concrete on the side.  Soon he left his job and started building room additions, renovations, ground up homes and small commercial buildings. After twenty years he went to work at Philbrick Heating and Cooling as an H.V.A.C. estimator where he stayed for eleven years until 2003. He nailed his first roof on over forty years ago.

As I said earlier, he is part time now, and looks at one shingle roof a day. Because of his thorough knowledge of construction and roofing, he is an excellent consulting estimator for residential and commercial roofing customers who have a lot of questions. He will take as much time as you need to figure out what you need and want.

I couldn’t have asked for a better dad, mostly because of his very high level of integrity. He has instilled this same level of integrity in me. At a young age, I would often get dropped off  at job sites for the day to clean up and do whatever else was necessary. He made sure I was exposed to most of the construction trades early on and is a very large part of the reason I am where I am today. Long story short, he is the best man I know and has been an absolute blessing to Andrews Roofing and my family.

If you want him to come consult with you on your residential, commercial, industrial, church fiberglass asphalt shingle roof or flat roof, just call and request Bob. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll like him and trust him to lead you in the right roofing direction.

One last note…I remember when I was a kid going to bed,  he would be at the dining room table looking at blue prints and figuring jobs. He is a good detail guy. He’ll take care of you. see his photo here on our site.

~The Andrews family owned a grocery store in Port Norfolk from about 1900 to 1963.  This building is five blocks from our current office on Mt. Vernon Ave and Bob worked there as a kid where he was paid “a dollar a day and all he could eat.” He graduated from Wilson High School in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1969 and  married his high school sweetheart, Sheila Tordoff, my loving mother.  He has been married for some 40 years, has two sons, six grandkids and lives in Chesapeake.~

Robert Andrews ll, President                                                                                              robert@andrewsroofing.com

How to Begin Thinking About Your Roof

Hi! If you have a building, you have a roof and at some point you will have to repair, maintain or replace it…or even all three!

I am talking about your residential home roof or the one on your commercial office, church, etc. Whether your roof is residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, shingle, flat, metal, slate, cedar shake, tile, or synthetic, there is a proper and specific way to maintain or replace it.

There are options for every roof. Since a new roof is a 20+ year commitment, you might as well take your time and choose the best one. The internet may help, but nothing is better than consulting with a real, live roof estimator, consultant or salesman.

A good roofing expert has years of experience in the industry. He can help you figure out what kind of roof or roof repair you need, which will perform and look the best, and which will last the longest. He can even help you with colors. These guys are pros. So contact a reputable roofing company and ask them to send him out, especially if you have leaks, have an old roof, have a damaged roof, or if your roof just looks bad. Looking bad can mean it is one or all of the above.

Robert Andrews ll , President                                                                                    robert@andrewsroofing.com