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Roof Systems are divided into two broad categories: steep slope and low slope (flat). Each is described below. Steep slope roofs are found on most residential structures and on certain commercial buildings and apartment buildings. The latter may include both steep and low slope as part of the overall roof covering. Flat roof systems are found on most commercial and industrial buildings.

Steep Slope
All steep-slope roof systems (i.e., roofs with slopes of 25% or more) have five basic components:

Low Slope (flat)
All low-slope roof systems (i.e., roofs with slopes of 0% to 24%) have five basic components:

The best roof system solution for your home or building balances the five basic components listed above. Andrews Roofing addresses each of these components as part of our consultative approach to assessing needs and roofing conditions.The most visually impactful of these components is the roof covering.

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